A preview of the book


Everyday in the United States, 6,000 women start their menopause journey. Some know it, many don’t. Countless others either don’t really know what menopause is, feel compelled to dismiss it or cringe due to their own lack of knowledge of what it all really entails. I was one of these women.

What is Menopause?

The first step to thriving through menopause is understanding what it is and learning to welcome this period of change in our lives.  We’ll cover the physical experience of menopause and get an overview of the most common emotional experiences women have during this time.

I am Powerful: Tools, Exercises and the Work!

This section of the book identifies what I call the Cultivation List. An introduction to external processing exercises organized in themes of the personal practices of self worth, self compassion, self care, self love and self advocacy in menopause. Each practice has a selection of exercises that encourage women to unpack their concerns, process their stories, identify their needs and find some resiliency.

Buying motivations

Women deserve to and can feel better. Understanding the big picture concepts of what menopause is and how it relates to someone individual can be a powerful tool of empowerment.  While many women may consult their medical doctors for advice on physical symptoms, many women need to have a space to identify and address their own mental health experiences.