Buying Motivations

Women deserve to and can feel better. Understanding the big picture concepts of what menopause is and how it relates to someone individual can be a powerful tool of empowerment.  While many women may consult their medical doctors for advice on physical symptoms, many women need to have a space to identify and address their own mental health experiences. Some will access psychological care, however, there is always that need to externally process one’s personal, emotional experience through writing and other exercises and tools. 

How many women are sitting next to their sleeping partners at night scrolling through Instagram looking for the post that speaks to them? This book is an extension of that, acknowledging and validating her experience and sorting out what it means to be in this transition and how it affects their personal, professional, parenting, partnering lives. 

Women experience anxiety, depression, grief as well as hope, relief, empowerment during these times. This book will be a welcome place to help them process where they are and where they want to be going.

Reader Benefits

In this book, readers will find: 

  • What menopause symptoms are and how they have previously been presented and managed over the years with input from the writer’s survey of over 100 women.
  • Definitions and some clarity of what perio-menopause symptoms and experiences can look like for an individual especially in their mental health and emotional experiences. 
  • A series of exercises, writing prompts and external processing tools to help one going through the some of the emotional challenges of the menopause transition. 


Self help and women’s empowerment during times of life change are topics you can see during an after-hours scroll through TikTok or Instagram reels. Many women can be found looking for answers or community online or in books while they process the end of their day. Many of those women are also going through some physical, emotional and even spiritual rumblings as they figure out what is going on inside and outside themselves. 

There are a number of books looking to answer the practical, medical and psychological questions of peri-menopause and there are some sassy and bright journals that give people a place to put down their feelings; however, there is not one that combines the external processing of mental health well being with a lens of perimenopause change. Women feeling they are being directly attended to is a market of rich need as thousands of women start to go through this process every day in the US alone. 

My workbook will contain a combination of information and processing tools that come from my nearly 20 years in the mental health field as a professional, licensed therapist with a Masters in Counseling. In my private practice over the last thirteen years, I have  gathered, honed and practiced process skills to help clients identify and achieve their mental health goals and feel better.  I will use these tools and applications in my book.